Information for presenters

Zoom test session before the conference

All presenters are invited to use the offer for a test session between 14 March 2022 and 18 March 2022. During the test sessions, you will have the opportunity to test your technical setup (screen sharing, microphone and webcam). Necessary information for the test sessions (day, time and login information) will be sent to the speakers by e-mail.

Review day and time of your session/talk

Please check again day and time of your session/lecture with the conference programme.

Your live presentation

All presenters are asked to consider the following points in their presentation:

  • Be in the Zoom room where you will give your presentation at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. Access - for session chairs, speakers and participants - to the individual sessions is via the virtual rooms on the conference platform (via the "Join" option). No separate login information will be sent to presenters.
  • Use the same equipment with which you successfully completed the Zoom test session to avoid technical problems during your presentation.
  • Sign in at Zoom with your full name so that the technical support and the conference organisers can identify you as a speaker and give you the rights to share your screen, microphone and camera in Zoom.
  • Make sure that you respect your presentation time!
  • Tips for a good video presentation can be found here.