Particle Slam – The Science Slam for Particle Physics

Tuesday, 22 March 2022, 20:00 - 21:30, virtual lecture room: PEL and livestream via YouTube

Presentations on scientific topics are boring? Lay people cannot understand complex science anyway and they are also not interested in it? This may be a wide spread opinion – but that this is not always true is shown by Science Slams!

With the Particle Slam, we are inviting five early career researchers from particle physics and other neighbouring disciplines to the stage. Each of them has ten minutes to present their research topic to a general audience – easy to understand, accessible as well as in an entertaining way. Whoever does this best is decided upon by the audience who selects a winner of the presentation competition.

And last but not least: the slam also is an open stage: those who are for example PhD students in (particle) physics and are interested in sharing their research topic with the public can join by contacting the moderator via email: philipp(at)


The Science Slam is open to all conference participants and the interested public. The slam will be broadcast live from Heidelberg University via YouTube. Registration is not necessary.